Construction Management Agency

Public Facility: Construction Management Agency

Contract Structure
In Construction Manager-Advisor delivery method, the public Owner holds multiple contracts including; with the Designer (based on qualifications), the Construction Manager (based on qualifications), and the Construction Labor (based on lowest bid).  However, the Construction Manager often manages all the contracts on behalf of theOwner, making this delivery method very similar to the design-build delivery method.

The Owner hires the Architect and the Construction Manager-Advisor at nearly the same time.  As the Architect completes the schematic drawings, the Construction Manager-Advisor reviews the drawings for unnecessary costs and errors, and performs schematic budgets to verify the project is on-track with the owner’s goals.  When the drawings are complete, the construction manager creates a final budget and then bundles the project into bid packages to maximize competition. We promote the participation of local contractors, as appropriate.

Timeline:  Construction Management-Advisor

(The colors in the timeline correlate to the roles defined above.)