Our Construction and Design-Build Project Experience

Since its founding in 1913, Carl A. Nelson & Company has become adept in a variety of project delivery methods. We are a:

Our efforts are supported across these delivery methods, during pre-construction and construction, by code review, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other services from Nelson Design, Inc. We also offer routine industrial construction and physical plant maintenance in operating facilities from our Nelson Plant Services division. On design-build, construction management at-risk and general contracting projects, we work as a self-performing builder, tackling much of the work with our own crews.

And as our portfolio shows, CANCO's century and more of experience includes construction projects in a range of market segments and built across Iowa, throughout the Midwest and all around the United States.

Industrial Facilities Projects

Carl A. Nelson & Company is an industrial contractor, leading design-build projects and performing as a general contactor for manufacturing, grain, seed, food ingredient, livestock processing, pet food, canned food and other markets like warehousing and distribution. Our millwright projects include installation and relocation of equipment in industrial plants.

Hospitals & Healthcare Projects

As a healthcare contractor, Carl A. Nelson & Company constructs replacement hospitals (including critical-care rural hospitals), performs hospital renovation and builds hospital additions. We also build large medical office buildings and local medical clinics, dental clinics and Community Health Centers, construct therapy pools and build or remodel long-term care centers, assisted living facilities and senior living communities.

School Construction & Planning Projects

Carl A. Nelson & Company provides school construction management and general contracting. We have built new elementary schools, intermediate schools, middle schools and high schools, performed school remodeling and built school additions, as well as building early childhood centers and performing arts centers.

Recreational Facilities Projects

Carl A. Nelson & Company builds recreational construction projects like local YMCAs, municipal community centers, aquatic centers and air-supported athletic domes.

Laboratory Facilities Projects

Carl A. Nelson & Company is a laboratory builder for industry, hospitals and academia. We have constructed industrial process labs, quality control labs, industrial research and development labs, medical diagnostic labs and academic research labs. Many of our projects include laboratory facilities that must meet ISO clean room standards.

Commercial & Office Projects

Our commercial construction project experience at Carl A. Nelson & Company includes corporate and sales offices.

Warehouse & Distribution Projects

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, we have decades of experience building warehouse and distribution facilities for clients all across the United States.

Community & Public Projects

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, we engage in community projects, building facilities like libraries and emergency operation centers; remodeling police departments, fire departments and churches; and preserving historic buildings.

Energy System & Utilities Projects

Our experience for energy system customers at Carl A. Nelson & Company includes power house construction, generating equipment and turbine installation, foundations, cooling tower installation and excavation and construction of steam tunnels and utility tunnels.

Water / Wastewater Treatment System Projects

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, the work we do in water treatment and wastewater treatment helps to ensure clean drinking water and clean discharge from industrial pre-treatment and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. We also have experience in sewer separation projects for storm water and sewage separation, and designing systems for capturing heated industrial process water for reuse to lower utility costs.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

From recreation facilities to retail buildings, and warehouses and distribution centers that range from big to bigger, Carl A. Nelson & Company is experienced in pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) design and construction.

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