Our Leadership Team

<b>Chris Smith — President                </b>
Chris Smith — President                
<b>Tim Seibert, P.E. — Chairman          </b>
Tim Seibert, P.E. — Chairman          
<b>Dan Culp — VP of Operations (Burlington)</b>
Dan Culp — VP of Operations (Burlington)
<b>Jamie Stanley — VP of Operations (Cedar Falls)</b>
Jamie Stanley — VP of Operations (Cedar Falls)
<b>Julie Totten — Vice President of Administration</b>
Julie Totten — Vice President of Administration

“As leaders of Carl A. Nelson & Company, we have the responsibility not to just uphold our reputation of delivering success to our customers as we have for over 100 years, but to make it better. We do this by hiring and retaining people with the right skills, education and attitudes. We are committed to mentor and train them to carry on the legacy with which we have been entrusted.”

— Tim Seibert, P.E., 
Chairman, Carl A. Nelson & Company

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