Pre-Construction Services

Early engagement of construction expertise provides cost-saving project benefits to clients

In design-build and construction management delivery, Carl A. Nelson & Company is able to be involved in the project before designs are complete. This is known as the pre-construction phase of the project. During this phase, the design-builder or construction manager is able to provide a variety of services aimed at helping the project Owner realize savings in cost, time and ongoing ownership expense, while also preserving quality. 

The earlier in the planning process these efforts are brought to bear, the more benefit can be gained by identifying changes before bids are let or construction begins, preventing extensive change orders or costly rework. 

Ability of Design-Builder or Construction Manager to Influence Project Cost

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Cost analysis — Review the design to ensure the project can be completed as designed within the available budget.
  • Constructability review — Analyze the drawings to ensure the project is buildable as designed.
  • Pre-construction scheduling and fast-track construction — Look for opportunities to speed the project schedule through means such as coordinating delivery of long lead-time materials and construction activities to create the greatest schedule efficiency; and presenting options to begin construction when possible before the final design is complete.

Carl A. Nelson & Company Chairman and Project Executive Tim Seibert, P.E., describes how we produce optimal solutions for clients through an emphasis on value engineering during pre-construction.

On design-build projects, these benefits are part of the process from the time a client signs a contract for services.

In construction management, the Owner gets the most benefit by bringing Carl A. Nelson & Company onto the project early in the design process, or even prior to engaging a design consultant. Beginning a project with the pre-construction support of a construction manager provides all of the benefits noted above, while also ensuring initial designs fall within the available budget.

Other pre-construction services from Carl A. Nelson & Company include Code Review, Building Information Modeling and Design-Assist from Nelson Design, Inc. And pre-project services including needs assessment and master planning.

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