Construction Services

Construction Services

With our in-house construction services, we don't just run the work. We take a hand in it, too.

Carl A. Nelson & Company is a self-performing builder, meaning we subcontract only a portion of the construction when working in the design-build, construction management at-risk or general contractor method of construction project delivery

Concrete work at industrial site
Steam rises from a newly poured concrete slab at an industrial construction site. Carl A. Nelson & Company self-performs about 40 percent of contracted work annually, including substructure and superstructure concrete.

Relying on our trained, cost-effective local merit shop craftsmen to deliver quality, we self-perform about 40 percent of the work we contract for annually. With expertise in numerous Construction Specifications Institute MasterFormat divisions, our self-performed construction services include:

Division 2: Site Work-Structural Excavation

Division 3: Concrete

  • Slabs and Foundations
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Concrete Superstructures
  • Precast Concrete
  • Site Cast Tilt-up Concrete

Division 5: Metals

  • Misc. and Structural Steel Erection
Installation of structural steel
Structural steel erection is among the self-performed work Carl A. Nelson & Company contracts for.

Division 6: Wood and Plastics

  • Rough and Finish Carpentry

Division 8: Doors and Windows

Division 9: Finishes

  • Metal Studs and Drywall

Division 10: Specialties

Division 11: Equipment

Division 13: Special Construction

  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building
  • Swimming Pools

Division 14: Conveying Systems

  • Bridge Crane and Monorail Erection

Division 15: Mechanical

  • Millwright Work

Our self-performed construction services are supported by approximately $2 million worth of tools and equipment owned and maintained by Carl A. Nelson & Company.


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