When undertaking a project such as this publication, selecting a title is often the hardest part.  We went through numerous suggestions and none of them seemed right.  Marketing wanted something “catchy yet simple”, management wanted something “strong and powerful”. 

As you can see we titled this publication, wibi.  In this world of acronyms, it may seem that this 104-year-old company is trying to be hip or cool but, in reality, we have been using this acronym for over 10 years.  In December 2003, we introduced “wibi” to our employees.  We had signs printed and embroidered the letters on the sleeves our company clothing serving as reminder that quality craftsmanship be a top priority.  Wibi was then introduced to our clients in our March 2004 newsletter.  The newsletter did not survive but “wibi” did.  It survived because it is not just a catchy phrase, it is part of our culture.  It stands for “Would I Buy It”.

We have empowered our employees to ask this of their work and the work of our partners and subcontractors.  If we would not buy it, then why would we expect our clients to buy it?  It is the one attribute that sets us apart from our competitors.

For years, these four letters have hung on the walls of our offices and job trailers serving as a reminder to produce something of which we can be proud.  Now, wibi is in your hands. 

We hope to offer you insight into how we think, how we work, what we value, and what we accomplish. This publication tells our story from the viewpoint of our clients and employees. 

We hope you enjoy this compilation of our efforts.


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