Customer Relationships is wibi newsletter focus

Customer Relationships is wibi newsletter focus The Fall 2020 Industrial and Healthcare editions of the wibi newsletter from Carl A. Nelson & Company.

3 years, 5 months ago

President's Letter

Tim Seibert, P.E., President, Carl A. Nelson & Company

Carl A. Nelson & Company is blessed to earn an average of 80% of our business from repeat customers. Based on this, we conclude that the vast majority of our customers value the services we deliver and are desirous of a long-term business relationship.

Customers give us various reasons for using our services on multiple projects, with the most frequent being that we consistently deliver “Service Second to None” on our projects, as we are committed to do in our mission statement. Part of that consistency comes from our priority of assigning the same personnel to a client on multiple projects. In fact, individual team members are frequently requested by name by our customers and we do our best to accommodate those requests.

Repeat business allows us to enhance our level of service by understanding customer preferences and requirements. These include understanding plant or corporate design standards or helping to establish those standards. Special safety procedures, training requirements or pre-qualification requirements are frequently requested and accommodated. We maintain many master contractual agreements for ease in contract execution.

A part of our enhanced services for ongoing customers is the maintenance of archived historical drawings either produced by us or provided to us on prior projects. This includes AutoCAD- and Revit-formatted drawings. We have an extensive archive of project drawings, that consume one bay in our warehouse and all indexed for quick retrieval, for projects we constructed going back to the 1920s. We are frequently called to provide duplicates of previously provided as-built drawings for facilities. For more recent projects, we maintain complete 3-D documents for many of our customers’ facilities.

In addition, we provide ongoing facility advice for our long-term customers to make sure that their facilities continue to meet their business needs.

Obviously, long-term relationships are built and maintained when there are mutual benefits which we work hard to deliver.


Tim C. Seibert, P.E., President
Carl A. Nelson & Company


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