Understanding Construction Project Delivery

Project and Ownership Type Affect Which Delivery Method is Right for You

One of the first decisions an owner must make after choosing to build or remodel a building is to select a delivery method for the project. The graphics below, and the pages they link to, outline each of the construction project delivery methods offered by Carl A. Nelson & Company. Those include:

  • Design-Build
  • Construction Management Agency
  • Construction Management at-Risk
  • General Contractor

Depending on your Ownership type — public or private — your ability to access some delivery methods may be limited by legal restrictions that vary from state to state. Generally, public owners are limited to Construction Management Agency or General Contracting, although attitudes and laws are changing across the country toward public use of Design-Build delivery. Private owners have a broader choice of delivery methods, and can choose Design-Build, Construction Management at-Risk or General Contracting.

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Design-Build delivery structure

Construction Management Agency

Construction Management Agency Delivery

Construction Management at-Risk

Construction Management At-Risk Delivery

General Contractor

General Contractor Delivery