Architect on CANCO school project endorses CM delivery

1 month, 1 week ago

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — The architect who led design of the new Sioux Center High School in Sioux Center, Iowa, is endorsing Construction Management Agency (CMa) delivery of school construction projects in Iowa, as well as other large construction projects.

Architect Lee Beukelman, with CMBA Architects in Sioux City, Iowa, got his first taste of CMa project delivery while working alongside the team from Carl A. Nelson & Company during the two years it took to build the Sioux Center Community School District's new, 180,000 SF, $42 million high school. 

At the conclusion of the project, based on his experience with CANCO, Beukelman said he had gained an appreciation for CMa delivery, and endorsed the use of a construction manager on large projects. Beukelman also offered praise for how the CANCO project team performed in the construction manager role, citing the CM's communication and respect for the design intent of the architectural team while working to bring the project in within budget.