Carl A. Nelson and Company Employees Continue Making a Difference For Hope Haven


During the month of March, employees of Carl A. Nelson & Company raised money to benefit Hope Haven Area Development Center Corporation. Employees raised $390.00 that was used to purchase 15 anti-fatigue foam floor mats for Hope Haven workers. The mats aid in reducing stress on the body caused by standing on the job.

In addition to the mats, Carl A. Nelson & Company provided labor and materials necessary to construct a secure storage area to house confidential papers awaiting shredding. Employees of Carl A. Nelson & Company constructed the shredding storage area on April 29, 2017. The project was completed in less than 4 hours by Jake Woods, Project Foreman; Jace Shalinski, Field Foreman; and Josh Claeys, Doug Raes, Austin Post and Zach Cook all of whom are Construction Craftsmen.

Carl A. Nelson & Company has been supporting Hope Haven Area Development Center Corporation since 2012 through the Carl A. Nelson & Company Charitable Foundation. To date, monetary donations have totaled over $15,000.00. “The foundation board has increased the monetary donations to Hope Haven each year. They do such great things at their facilities and their efforts make an impact on our community. We are happy that we can help.”, says Tim Seibert, President. The Foundation receives contributions from current and retired employees and funds are distributed on an annual basis.

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From L to R: James Maletta, Carl A. Nelson & Co. Project Superintendent; Stephanie Cox, Hope Haven Work Services Production Administrator; Christine Robertson, Carl and Nelson & Co. CFO; and Julie Anderson, Hope Haven Director of Development and Community Relations.
From L to R: Josh Claeys, Jace Skalinski, Doug Raes, Jake Woods, Austin Post, and Zach Cook.
HH Worker K Stinson
Kari Stinson, Hope Haven worker, gives the new floor mats a try.