Power System Design-Builder and General Contractor

Efficient, reliable, and sustainable power generation and energy distribution solutions to meet your organization's evolving needs.

You can trust Carl A. Nelson & Company to ensure the successful completion of power and utility projects for a range of industrial, institutional and other clients. Our team of skilled builders and project managers has a track record of providing a high level of service and quality construction for customers in the electric energy production market, including power house construction, generator foundations, turbine installation, as well as related services such as steam tunnel excavation and construction, cooling tower installation and more.

As an experienced contractor in the design-build and general contractor methods of construction project delivery, we understand the constraints and priorities of power plants and work with the plant staff to ensure that operations of the facility are not hindered by our efforts. With this understanding, we perform major parts of the work with our own forces to better manage planned shut downs and greatly reduce the risk of unintended and extended power loss for the client.

Having a professional and highly trained work force, which allows us to self-perform much of the work we contract for annually, Carl A. Nelson & Company is the best choice for your next power generation or other energy system project.

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Jamie Stanley leads our power generation and distribution projects with a team of project managers who can help you get construction up and running.

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