Testing, Product & Process Laboratory Design-Build Construction

Carl A. Nelson & Company understands the unique requirements for creating state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for academia and industry.

Our expertise means you can trust us to deliver functional and efficient spaces that will help you to achieve your organization's needs.

Carl A. Nelson & Company brings decades of innovative design and construction experience in medical diagnostic, biomedical testing and laboratories for research and testing in markets including human foods, pet foods, food ingredients, chemical manufacturing, seed genetics, industrial chemical testing and other laboratory applications.

To provide the high level of service that our clients need and demand, we research all requirements of each lab's specialized equipment and the how it relates to the building’s systems. This allows us to work with the design team to customize the HVAC, electrical and building controls for proper operation of the lab equipment.

Due to the nature of laboratory activities, there are many regulation and code challenges during the design and construction of the project. Carl A. Nelson & Company provides code analysis during the design to ensure compliance with local, state and national codes and will work with the client to manage regulatory compliance.

Our professional staff maintains the privacy of our clients and manages many projects with confidentiality agreements. With our experience on laboratory projects in design-build delivery and as a general contractor, your organization can place its trust and confidence in Carl A. Nelson & Company. We self-perform work on laboratory projects using our own skilled team of construction craftsmen to assure quality.

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Jamie Stanley

Dan Culp

Whether you are just at the start of planning your project, or are ready to go ahead with construction, contact us today. Jamie Stanley oversees laboratory projects for academic and industrial clients. For projects involving medical diagnostic laboratories, contact Dan Culp.

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