Recreation Construction Management & Design-Build Contractor

Carl A. Nelson & Company excels in recreation construction, providing exceptional services for a wide range of recreational facilities.

From sports complexes to community centers, our team brings expertise and dedication to every project. With a focus on budget, schedule and constructability, we build spaces that promote health, wellness, and enjoyment for individuals and communities. Trust us to deliver outstanding recreational facilities that meet your unique needs.

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, we know these projects begin with the goal of providing enjoyment and education opportunities for individuals and groups in your community. And be it a YMCA building; community center building; inflatable air-supported dome for indoor sports; or pool or aquatic center, these facilities also serve as a place to gather with a focus on health, wellness and improving one’s quality of life.

When completed, it is important these facilities be attractive and welcoming, while providing each community with adequate space to support their recreational needs for many years in the future. These facilities often become an essential place in the community often providing special memories for the citizens as places where they learned teamwork, made new friends, and celebrated birthdays and other life events.

As your design-build or construction management agency service provider, Carl A. Nelson & Company can assist you with the planning of your project with pre-construction services to establish a scope, schedule, and budget that achieve your desires and fulfill the needs of the community. We can also guide you on how to gain public support through education and sharing of information.

Our approach to recreational projects is unique and simple: We know that not only will these projects be a part of your history but will also become a part of ours.

We also have experience building recreational facilities for clients in the role of general contractor. When working as design-builder, construction manager at-risk or general contractor, we self-perform much of the work we contract for with our own skilled craftsmen.

If you are ready to get started with construction, or need assistance with developing a plan, contact Dan Culp, vice president of operations in our Burlington office. Dan oversees our projects for recreation clients.

Call him now at 319-754-8415 or fill out the contact form.

We take ownership in our projects

When Carl A. Nelson & Company takes on a project, we see ourselves not just as builders seeking to earn a profit, but partners looking to develop long-term relationships with our clients. That leads to testimonials like the ones featured in the video below. Click the links inside the video or visit our YouTube channel for full testimonials on each of the included projects, or visit the individual portfolio pages above for testimonials and additional project details.

Related Services and Additional Information

Nelson Design, Inc.

On construction management agency projects, Carl A. Nelson & Company's design-assist capability relies on the experience of our project managers, engineers and field personnel to ensure the best-possible quality, cost and schedule. And those efforts are backed up by the design professionals of Nelson Design, Inc., who will assist in review of the plans and specifications prepared by your architectural and engineering partners.

If your project includes pre-engineered metal buildings, CANCO has the in-house capacity to design and construct facilities to meet your needs.