Civic & Community Construction Management Building Contractor

Carl A. Nelson & Company specializes in delivering exceptional construction solutions for community-centric facilities.

Our expertise spans a wide range of civic projects, including government buildings, community centers, libraries, and more. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we are committed to creating spaces that serve and uplift communities.

Carl A. Nelson & Company has long experience building or renovating these structures, be they churches, libraries or some other communal use space. These facilities serve as a stage where we can interact with one another, while also telling the story of the places where they are built.

Community and local government building projects can be as mundane but important as a parking structure or police station. Or they can be local amenities like a conservation center or a library.

These projects sometimes involve renovation historic buildings that can be viewed as an anchor to the past for a city or community. We have been involved in preserving and improving historical buildings, as well as demolition of something that cannot be saved and blending the construction of the new building with its older neighbors.

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, we have found that no matter our role on the project, civic projects are among the most important we perform because they become important to the lives of so many in a community.

Working in the construction management agency role, we are the Owner's advocate with the designers and builders to ensure the best possible outcome from the investment of public dollars being made.

When working with private facility owners in the design-build or construction manager at-risk role, we also have a direct hand in ensuring quality, cost and schedule performance during the design and pre-construction phases of the project, but have the opportunity to self-perform much of the work with our own skilled craftsmen.

See examples of civic and community projects

Whether you represent city, county or other local government organization, or a civic group or non-profit, contact Dan Culp with Carl A. Nelson & Company to learn how we can help with your building project.

Call him now at (319) 754-8415 or fill out the contact form.

Construction Management agency service works for public projects

At Carl A. Nelson & Company, we are expert builders and construction managers. Working in the role of construction management agency for public owners, we bring our building and project management expertise to the role of leading the project from pre-construction through completion.

For local governments, that service can fill a crucial gap in as CANCO takes on the role of running the work on behalf of the city or county.

"I think in Iowa, the size of most counties and cities, most of us don't have the people with the expertise to do a project like that," Washington County Sheriff Jared Schneider said in this testimonial video for an emergency operations center project where Carl A. Nelson & Company was the construction manager. "That's where it's very beneficial to hire a construction manager to be able to take on that role during the process to help you through it."