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Carl A. Nelson & Company's leadership on numerous Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting projects — spanning decades of experience among our project managers and field supervisors — means we are well positioned to guide clients and prospective clients to the best decisions for future construction projects.

In Nelson's Top 5, you will find answers and advice about important questions you have concerning construction services. 

We've covered a variety of topics, and hope you'll find the information you need in the links below. And if there's a question we haven't covered, drop a note to our Business Development department by emailing

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Benefits of pre-construction services

• Top 5 Reasons to hire a pre-construction contractor


• Top 5 Reasons to perform Code Review on your project


• Top 5 Reasons to conduct Needs Assessment and Master Planning


Top 5 Reasons to use BIM coordination on your project

Choosing the right builder for your project

Top 5 Questions to ask when selecting a Design-Build contractor


• Top 5 Questions to ask when selecting a Construction Management firm


• Top 5 Ways to judge a builder's experience and reputation